Have a Heart for Seniors? So do we.

Time to plant our 2019 Seed of Love Garden! Please help us help those in need!

Your support and contributions will enable us to supply fresh vegetables to families and food pantries in need. Thank you for you donation!

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Seed of Love Garden

If you have a heart for those in need of fresh vegetables, then we need your support.

We need volunteers to help prepare our garden for another year of giving!

Please email us at ldean@helptohealtx.org for more information.


Over 5000 lbs of Vegetables given away in 2018 .


Time to Plant a Seed of Love

You have to first prepare your soil (Heart), in order to plant seeds that will grown and produce fruit (love), to be given to those that are lost and in need.

2 Corinthians 9:12


Time to Harvest

We will harvest what we have sown in our fields and in our hearts to share Christ's love to those in our communities.

Matthew 9:37-38


Time to Give

Please help us grown a garden of love for a Senior or family in need with fresh vegetables this spring and summer.  We have the land, we have the seed, we just need the water.  Please consider making a donation to help supply the much needed water.

Proverbs 22:9

Help to Heal interview w/Starlene Stringer at KLTY 94.9 FM

 Recorded interview with Starlene Stringer KLTY FM 94.9 FM

This Christmas give a Gift of Love!

Your support and contributions will enable us to make this a Merry Christmas for our Senior Citizens that have no one.

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About Us


Who We Are:

 Help to Heal, Sharing Christ's Love, is a non-profit organization that exists to help unite nonprofits, churches, businesses and communities to help those in need.  We want to heal our communities one person at a time by planting seeds for LOVE. 

One of the many ways we do this is to Our Gift's for Seniors program and our Seed of Love Garden, we focus on Senior Citizens, Single Parents and those that do not qualify for services from the government. 



Our Mission

At Help to Heal, we are  all about community and helping  those in need. We provide fresh vegetables from our Seed of Love Garden for local families and local food pantries.    We strive to connect people and businesses to serve those who need them most. We believe in ushering action actively, through our Gift's for Seniors Christmas program and showing our Senior Citizens  that they are loved, valued and most of all not forgotten.  Our goal is to help those in our community that are in need. Please join us and support our efforts in making a measurable difference in our community by reaching out and meeting the needs of the lost and the found. 

Gifts for seniors

We Need Your Help!


  • Traditionally, Christmas is when families come together.  It is a magical time for children but can be a difficult time for our Senior Citizens. Sadly, over 1,000,000 elderly will spend Christmas alone this year feeling isolated, lonely, and forgotten. Remember, seniors were our teachers, doctors, nurses, care-takers, mothers, fathers, etc. and they still have so much to offer and share. Please help us share the love of Christmas this year with our Seniors and let them know that we are thankful for all they have given to our world and that they have value, are truly loved, and how much we appreciate them and their lives.  We will be working with hospice, nursing homes, dementia homes, and meals on wheels to aid in reaching our seniors who have no one to remember them at Christmas.  We will be collecting soft warm blankets, stuffed animals, non-slip socks with grips, etc.  To donate, or for more information or partnerships, please click on our donate button below or call 469-222-1490. 

Local Students wrapping gifts for Seniors Citizens for Christmas 2018


  • In 2018, 1,066 Seniors in 39 nursing, hospice, memory care and in-home care homes received a Christmas present with a homemade Christmas card from a child. 150 working seniors received a Christmas card with gift cards inside. All to let our Seniors know that they are valued and loved.  Total of 2041 Seniors that now know they are loved and appreciated.
  • In the past two years we have been blessed to serve 2,750 Senior Citizens in 13 cities in North Texas.

2018 Seed of Love Garden 

We gave away over 5000 lb's of Fresh Vegetables to 13 food pantries, churches, shelters and local families in need.

Please help us continue to help Seniors and Families in need.

Please contact us to Volunteer or donate.

Blessings, Linda Dean Miley, Founder/President

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