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Help to Heal, main goal is to plant seeds of love everywhere we go.  We also have 2 main projects that we do that with, Gifts for Senior Citizens that have no on at Christmas. and we help supply fresh vegetables to our different communities.

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Gifts for Seniors is starting at the end of October - December 17, 2018.  We need volunteers, donation locations, financial donations.

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I was one of the Secret Santa’s for Help to Heal, Gift’s for Seniors.  I was at Walmart in Cedar Hill and saw a little lady that was a greeter and she had her had kind of hanging down.  I went up to her and give her a Christmas card with gift certificates in it and said to her, “Merry Christmas and God loves you”, and then walked away.  I noticed that she started following me and when I turned to see why she asked me, “Why did you do this?  Why would you do this? No one does anything for me.”  I just told her it was because God loves her and she has value.  I will volunteer again every Christmas as a Secret Santa in the future.


Nursing Home:

We had 45 Seniors at our home that did not get picked from our Giving Tree and we called Help to Heal Sharing Christ Love and they brought us 45 wrapped Christmas Gifts to our facility and all the gifts also had a homemade Christmas card from a child.  One of our ladies received a large stuffed bear as her gift.  To this very day that stuffed bear goes everywhere with her in her wheelchair and sleeps with her.  I believe she has found a new friend to love and care for.  Thank you Help to Heal for making her feel loved and for helping us with gifts for our seniors.



I can't tell you how happy it made me to be a Santa's Helper for Help to Heal Sharing Christ's Love. I was in line at HEB when I felt compelled to share a couple gift cards with the lady in front of me. She started to tear up. The HEB checker started to tear up. And I started to tear up. This lady cooks meals for others, so getting to go out to eat was a real treat for her. It was nice to put a smile of someone's face.

Goal for 2018

Our goal for 2018 is to triple our number of Seniors that receive our gifts from 709 Seniors servers in 2017, to over 2,000 Seniors this year in 2018.  With your help we will.

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How can we help?  We need donation locations, volunteers to help wrap and deliver gifts and Secret Santa's.

Where do you go?  We focus at the current time in the South Dallas area Grand Prairie, Oak Cliff, Duncanville, Cedar Hill, DeSoto, Lancaster, Ellis County.  Still expanding hopefully soon all of Dallas County and surrounding areas.